Textile Fashion Artist-Designer
Hand sewing, natural materials and amazing three-dimensional cut of art works. An interdisciplinary designer whose work weaves together innovative textile art, psychology, culture and human history.
you must be able to wear clothes that no one else has!
Дизайнер -
портной Радмила
Why do I sew to order?
Radmila confesses that she is a collector and collects products from the greatest designers who changed the concept of the spatial form of clothing and opened up new ideas and techniques to the world.
Cristobal Balenciaga, Rei Kawakubo, Rick Owens and others are true visionary designers who have inspired and amazed us for many years.
She is familiar with the insides and secrets of these works of art and knows what quality looks like.
She is often asked to sell items from my collection, especially now that Haute couture brands have left our country.
She understands the pain and longing of designer clothing lovers.
If you want to purchase a unique and unique item, she is ready to create something that you will wear and appreciate for many years!
As a hereditary tailor, Radmila applies the family secrets of architectural three-dimensional cutting and translate unique ideas into movement onto hand-sewn canvases. This method received a patent for the invention.
She isa perfectionist, focused on an impeccable fit and perfectly even seams, which Radmila closes from the inside out only by hand.
She adheres to the concept of working only with natural fabrics and materials, metal, leather and avoids the use of synthetic materials, plastic and adhesives in order to guarantee the durability and quality of the products. Natural materials are not only environmentally cleaner, but also delight in the energy of nature, which makes each item unique, filled with unique charm and energy.
In this direction, she worked with designers in Italy, England, and the USA.
She is inspired by the ideas of architectonics and deconstructivism, the complex conceptual design of Antonio Donnanno.
there is a pre-order for the upcoming work for as many as 10 months.

I will be taking the next pre-order in a year.
Radmila's custom clothing is ideal for those who:
Knows how to wear clothes that no one else has
Values time, comfort, service
Wants to achieve more in the premium segment
Feels unnoticed and that clothes do not catch the eye
Dreams of emphasizing attractiveness and keeping attention on oneself
What is unique about Radmila’s custom tailoring?
When choosing from many other designers, you may have a question: «Who should I choose?».
Radmila's clothing creation is the result of many years of experience in tailoring, studying technology and scientific work. Many hours of work and art are invested into each piece of clothing, made using the author's technique.
The main argument in favor of custom tailoring from Radmila is the comfort that she creates for the client. You not only receive a high-quality and special product from the premium segment, you additionally receive high-quality service, from ordering on the website to the cherished moment of unpacking the parcel with an exclusive wardrobe item.
Tailoring to order can be compared to a SPA - a procedure for the soul, when the client enjoys not only the result, but also the process itself.
The purchasing process is as easy, convenient and enjoyable.
The ordered wardrobe item fits perfectly into your needs and is easy to use.
The item is immediately visible: from packaging to lining, from button to inside.
Guaranteed integrity, quality and service.
You get a special product that is of high quality in every seam.
You, your comfort and time are very valuable.
Three-year warranty on our products. Warranty service includes cleaning and ironing of items, adjustment of the product in case of minor changes in the customer's size, and restoration of the product. Even after the end of the warranty period, you can always contact us with any questions.
How to order?
You can leave a request on the website or Whatsapp
The price of the product depends on the complexity of the work, the quantity and cost of the fabric.
Radmila contacts you at a time convenient for you and listens to your wishes, discusses the model, details, fabric.
Signing a detailed bilateral agreement and prepayment of 50% of the cost of manufacturing the product.
You receive a sketch of the future product in several versions and a fabric sample, which you approve.
Taking measurements using remote technology, accompanied.
The most important part of the work - creating a pattern. A complex counting system is used, and most importantly - the very experience and instinct that you order to get happiness.
The designer sews a preliminary version of the product from calico, puts the product on a mannequin of your size and sends you a photo for approval. Details are discussed and adjustments are made to the design if necessary.
The finished product is sewn from the selected fabric. A photo of the product is sent to the client.
Only if the client expresses complete satisfaction with the result can the work be considered completed. Payment and delivery of the product to the client.
Why denim is perfect for concept clothing
As a true denimhead, I am convinced that raw denim is the ideal material for creating conceptual clothing due to its unique ability to create any shape and volume, like clay for a sculptor. It does not require duplication with adhesive materials and has high strength and durability.
But that is not all. I love combining denim with natural wool fabrics in bright colors. In particular, I love the combination of indigo denim with red Voltaire wool - it gives the garment a unique feel and emphasizes the texture and shape.
Denim fading is another factor that makes each item made from this material unique and personal. This means that your clothes will become the embodiment of your personality.
Эскизы и примеры работ
If you have not yet formed the general idea of your order, check out the concept sketches of Antonio Donnanno, a source of inspiration for anyone who wants to wear custom and original clothes that will reflect the personality of the wearer.
Antonio Donnanno
Antonio Donnanno
Antonio Donnanno
Antonio Donnanno
Antonio Donnanno
Antonio Donnanno
These sketches show how clothes made from denim and bright wool vintage fabrics can conceptually look.
Antonio Donnanno
Antonio Donnanno
«The Vikings» Collection is unique in its combination of ancient traditions and modern design. Here you will find elements of authentic Viking costumes, such as chainmail, hoods, wickerwork, hanging pockets, as well as the bright and bold colors typical of Viking clothing and fashion today. But the main thing that makes this collection so special is its ideology. Each outfit contains a promise from the bridesmaids to protect her and her future children during the harsh times of the Viking Age.

Платье плетеное
Let this collection be a symbol of friendship, courage and endless love.
This dress weaves together Viking sagas and modern design, creating a unique harmony of past and present in one piece.
Wicker dress
The dress was created using the author's screw weaving technology without a single construction seam from two pairs of red and green jeans by hand.
The perfect shape of strong chain mail and the traditional red and green colors of Viking clothing became the inspiration for this woven dress, pierced through with a metal zipper.
The high and wide conceptual collar, accented with blue denim tape, represents powerful protection and adds visual weight to the composition.
One of the striking elements are the hanging pockets with metal clasps, with their retro-structured look effectively adding contrast to the look and reminiscent of the numerous Viking pockets that they fastened to the belt.
The symbiosis of architectonics and historical Viking clothing became the main idea for creating this costume.
Asymmetrical jacket with hood
Denim was paired with vintage red wool to accentuate the dimensional shape of the sleeve.
A spacious hanging pocket with a metal clasp is a permanent attribute of every Viking costume.
A vintage red wool jacket has now been given a conceptual twist by customizing it with thick denim details from the jeans.
Wool jacket with hood
The hood, which is usually associated with Viking clothing, is perfectly combined here with a voluminous turn-down collar with loose elongated edges and a structured high stand-up collar. Vintage denim was also used for the original double-layered sleeves and integrated chunky pockets.
As a result, this jacket stands out from the crowd, attracts attention and shows your individuality and free thought through unusual and successful combinations and details.
- «The Viking Bride»
Платье невесты
The dress is made using the technique of seamless spiral weaving. The thin girlish waist is emphasized by leather corset lacing along the back.
Delicate cambric emphasizes the iconic purpose of this dress.
But still, she is a Viking bride, so the leather shoulder pad is reminiscent of the courageous and harsh Viking era.
In this model, the idea of Viking chain mail was translated into a new geometric form, creating the effect of space on a stitched fabric created from a sweater and a denim shirt.
Long jacket with chain mail
The suit combines beauty and functionality, embodying the concept of style and practicality.
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